Revere hires new football coach

After Revere’s football coaching position was open for applications, Robert Nikol was one of about forty applicants interested in this opportunity. After three separate rounds of interviews, Nikol proved himself to be the right fit for the job. There were twelve initial applicants selected for interviews, which then narrowed to six, and then two for the final choice. Nikol had to meet with the RHS principal, superintendent and athletic director during formal interviews. 

Nikol will be the new head football coach for RHS starting the 2022-23 season, and he will also be a social studies teacher for RHS starting in the fall. 

Superintendent Michael Tefs explained that parents, athletes and administrators have a large say in finding a new football coach.

“We spoke with youth football in particular. These are students and families rising into the program [and] they had significant input. Current [athletes] in the Varsity and Junior Varsity programs, current families, coaches, athletic director, high school administration and Board of Education; What do they all look for [in a coach]?” Tefs said. 

All of these different groups had a request in common: they wanted a coach who was also an educator in the Revere district. This way, the coach can interact with the kids outside of the football program and help build coach to athlete relationships. Having their coach teach on campus will also help to enforce good academics among athletes. 

Given the feedback from parents and athletes, Revere had to find a new football coach with experience and a good educator to teach on campus as well. 

Nikol has been coaching football for almost eighteen years. He coached at Barberton, he coached for a school in North Carolina named Hickory Ridge and he also coached at Saint Vincent-Saint Mary in Akron. Nikol stepped down from Saint Vincent-Saint Mary at the conclusion of the 2021 season after coaching there for the past four seasons. 

Nikol described what he enjoys most about coaching. 

“Just being around the kids. That’s why we [coach]. We are teachers first, both in the classroom and on the field. Just being able to help young men grow and mature and see fourteen year olds turn into young adults is the best experience,” Nikol said. 

Aside from coaching football, Nikol is a social studies teacher and is currently teaching at Barberton. He has taught government, sociology, psychology and US history. He has been teaching for fourteen years and will continue on with his teaching career at Revere, teaching social studies starting in the fall. 

Nikol talked about how he is excited about teaching in the Revere district. 

“The biggest part [of this position] was having the opportunity to come to a school like Revere, with how extraordinary the academics are, and having the opportunity to come and teach,” Nikol said. 

Athletic Director Don Seeker is involved in the process of hiring new coaches. This is Seeker’s first year as Revere’s athletic director. 

Seeker explained why he felt Nikol would be the best choice for Revere. 

“He met all of the criteria we were looking for. [He has the] head coaching experience, [and] he is an excellent educator,” Seeker said. 

Nikol explained what he is most looking forward to this upcoming football season. 

“[I’m looking forward to] getting to learn all the kids and getting to learn the community. . . I’m excited to get a new start here at Revere and be a part of this community,” Nikol said. 

Revere’s football practices start when school ends in June. Nikol is ready to get started and meet all of his players and students here at Revere.