Sophomore keeps busy at Revere

Sophomore Neal Pannala participates in many clubs, while keeping his grades high.

A typical week in sophomore Neal Pannala’s life is full of action. Whether he is talking and brainstorming with other members in Students Demand Action, participating in Mu Alpha Theta, acting as a member of Congress in Speech and Debate, competing against other schools in Academic Challenge, or playing chess or playing trombone in band, sophomore Neal Pannala is a student of many talents. He works hard both during the school day and after the bell rings. He is very involved with many clubs that Revere has to offer while also being determined and ambitious to be the best student he can be. 

Pannala is a very active member of the Revere community and his dedication to his academics and after school activities is evident to everyone around him. 

Pannala is a member of both Students Demand Action and Junior Statesmen of America. He explained the objectives of these two clubs.

 “In Students Demand Action and Junior Statesmen of America, we talk about political issues and have a discussion about what is going on in our country. [We discuss] if there are any solutions, and we can get ideas from other people,” Pannala said. 

Members of Students Demand Action meet twice a month and talk for thirty to forty five minutes about current issues going on in our country. Members are able to prepare slideshows to present during meetings to get the conversation started. 

Pannala is also a member of Academic Challenge, where he is on the varsity team as a sophomore. The program is set up like jeopardy, and the teams answer trivia questions and compete against other schools in Summit and Medina county. Last year, they competed virtually due to COVID-19, but this year they are on a hybrid competition schedule. 

Academic Challenge has a fall league, winter league, and a spring league. They go to several tournaments in a year and members are currently preparing for a tournament next month on February 26th. 

Jeff Fry, adviser of Students Demand Action, Junior Statesmen of America and Academic Challenge gave details about what it is like to work with Pannala in these clubs. 

“[Pannala] is extremely intelligent. He works hard and he enjoys learning. I’ve seen him a lot over the last couple years in addition to having him as a student last year. [In Students Demand Action] he participates quite fully and he is very active.” Fry said. 

Pannala is also a very active member of the Speech and Debate club. Pannala talked a bit about Speech and Debate and his role in the club.  

“The [club] I dedicate the most time to is Speech and Debate, which has three practices a week and a tournament usually every Saturday . . . The event that I do specifically is called Congress. Every week we get a few bills that actual Congress would debate. We get to write speeches either for or against them. On Saturday, we get to give our speeches and debate afterwards,” Pannala said. 

Pannala also spends a lot of his time. Pannala explained what the purpose of this club is and what he does. 

“Mu Alpha Theta is a math appreciation and math contest club. Meetings are for contests or for presentations made by the officers,” Pannala said. 

Mu Alpha Theta meets every Tuesday, and Pannala is one of the club’s officers. 

Pannala also is a part of Revere’s band program, where he plays the trombone. Dr. Darren LeBeau, band director, described what it’s like having Pannala in the classroom. 

“Neal always knows when to work. He is always paying attention, and he is a good member of his section. He is always doing what is asked of him,” LeBeau said. 

Pannala strives to be the best student he can be. He shared his philosophy on how he is able to keep himself motivated in his academic studies. 

“If you do good in school, you will do good in life. . .There is also a personal aspect, it feels very [rewarding],” Pannala said. 

Pannala has also been playing chess since he was a little kid. He explained what made him want to start playing and how it grew from there. 

“My parents both play chess, and as a kid I remember I used to play with them . . . Then I started competing scholastically in elementary and middle school and I started going to tournaments and getting better and better,” Pannala said. 

Pannala does many school activities but he finds time for other things he likes to do as well. He enjoys participating in fantasy football with his friends and he likes to be outside and ride his bike. After he graduates from Revere, he plans to go to college and is thinking about going into finance. 

Pannala has immersed himself in many of the activities that Revere has to offer. With his strong work ethic and self motivation, Pannala does very well at managing his time so he has time to do his many activities and stay on top of his academic studies as well.