RTI Coordinator runs after school tutoring program


Billy D’Amico

D’Amico on her birthday.

At 2:37 pm, the bell rings and school is out for the day. Students who are involved in the tutoring program make their way to the library to meet with each other. Tutors sit down with the students they are tutoring and help them in whatever areas they are struggling with for about an hour. RTI (Response to Intervention) coordinator or paraprofessional Beth D’Amico organizes and runs the after school tutoring program and makes sure that students get all the help they need and deserve. 

D’Amico has lived in Bath since 1997 and has been working at Revere for fourteen years now. Her favorite part about her job is her students, which is evident in her positive attitude towards helping out students that may be struggling.

D’Amico described what she enjoys about running the after school tutoring program.

“It is rewarding . . . working with students that may feel overwhelmed or sometimes hesitant to ask for help, and then getting to watch them grow. [I also like] getting to then watch the relationship between the tutors that are helping them grow as well. It’s like a win-win situation; The tutors get a lot from helping the kids, and the kids that are getting the help get to succeed,” D’Amico said. 

Not only does D’Amico run the tutoring program after school is over for the day, but she also does many things for students of Revere during the school day as well.

 RTI is a learning approach used by many schools ensuring that students receive the help and support they need to succeed in school. D’Amico explained what she does as an RTI coordinator for Revere. 

 “I work with students who need help, I work with the guidance counselors, I check students’ grades and also have tutoring during homework lunch,” D’Amico said.

D’Amico also runs homework lunch. Students who were not able to complete their homework assignments may be assigned homework lunch for another opportunity to finish their work. Homework lunch is also a good resource for students who are just looking to finish assignments on their own time. Some of the tutors volunteer for tutoring during this time to help students who might not be available after school. 

Revere Senior and tutor Meredith Stein describes what she likes about being a part of the tutoring program.

“I like being able to get volunteer hours while also being able to help people out at the school,” Stein said.

Stein described D’Amico as a person and as the organizer of the tutoring program.

 “She is super nice and very hardworking. She does a lot for the school, and she is really good at putting the program together,” Stein said.

Revere also offers before school tutoring. This is a good option for students who may have schedule conflict, such as sports or other activities preventing them from being able to attend the after school program. The before school tutoring program is run by her son Billy D’Amico. He is the RTI co-coordinator and the manager of online students. 

Mr. D’Amico described his mother’s character.

 “[Mrs. D’Amico] is a very kind and compassionate person who wants what is best for everyone around her,” D’Amico said.

He is the oldest of D’Amico’s four children. D’Amico’s second oldest son Joe will be graduating from dental school at The Ohio State University this year. Her daughter Addy is a second grade teacher in Orville, and her youngest, Anna, is a junior at The Ohio State University. 

A lot of D’Amico’s time is spent working and helping students at Revere, but in her freetime she likes to relax and play with her dog Bailey. 

D’Amico does a lot for the students of Revere, and she always has the best interest of her students in mind. She recommends coming for tutoring to any student who may be struggling academically. When students do not understand material and do not ask for any help, it will continue to affect their grades as the school year goes on. D’Amico is happy to get any student the support they need to succeed in school. Because of people like D’Amico, students can get to see improvement within themselves and become more confident in their academic abilities.