Revere graduate founds charitable clothing company

Warm Heart Clothing donates percentages of sales to charitable foundations.

Warm Heart Clothing donates percentages of sales to charitable foundations.

Erica Price, Staff Reporter

A passionate college student sat in his dorm room and came up with an idea to inspire others with affordable clothing that has a purpose. The student was inspired by warm-hearted people and based his clothing company around the symbolism of a heart. He finished out his company by making sure the proceeds go to charities that do not get enough attention and deserve awareness. With little knowledge in building a business, he learned through trial and error and finally got his company up and running for people to purchase and spread awareness. 

Owen Dame, a sophomore at Miami University is the founder of Warm Heart Clothing Company. Dame created his business when he could not find inexpensive charitable clothing and decided to make it himself at a cheaper cost. 

Warm Heart Clothing Company donates 15 percent of its profits to charities they believe do not get noticed enough, including: Athletes Vs. Chrons, Pets for the Elderly, Child Mind Institute, Crayon Collection, Kids’ Food Basket, One Tree Planted and METavivor. Dame talked about the goal of charitable clothing. 

“The [goal] is to help spread awareness to overlooked charities by providing people with stylish, affordable clothing to boldly express causes they are passionate about. We believe in helping others and supporting underserved charities,” Dame said. 

The most recent charity added due to the wildfires in Australian is the Australian Koala Foundation. Protecting koalas and the trees they live in gives this organization its reason for dedication. 

 With the new charity, Dame created the earth hoodie that features a new logo created by a graphic designer. The designer put the Earth’s colors green and blue inside the ‘warm’ heart logo. The hoodies goal is to help raise awareness for Australia. Dame talked about what happens after a purchase of a earth hoodie and why he chose this charity. 

“The Australian wildfires were an exception because we felt that we needed to help contribute to the cause. The wildfires have been such a devastating event for Australia, so we thought it was necessary to help in any way that we could. We donated three dollars for every hoodie purchased along with $360 to adopt a koala for a year,” Dame said. 

One ambassador of the company, Senior Eric An, promotes the new earth hoodie and other products by posting the clothing on social media, wearing the clothing to school and telling others about the company. An spoke about why he wanted to be an ambassador. 

“I thought it would be fun to be part of something bigger than myself, so I became an ambassador at the very start of the company’s inception. It’s a great way to promote awareness while actually doing something for a cause,” An said. 

Dame continues to encourage friends and family to buy his affordable clothing while donating to deserving causes. Senior Ana Hair, a consumer of the products, explained why she wears and supports this company. 

“I completely support the donations. I have told people to buy the clothing because it positively supports and raises awareness for things that need help like Australia. I will keep supporting my past classmate and his whole thoughtful idea,” Hair said. 

As Dame continues to build his company, he hopes to further find unnoticed charities to help donate to and create new styles. Dame is currently going through a rebranding process as designs continue to change. He continues to feel rewarded by seeing people he does not know wearing Warm Heart Clothing.