Senior obtains competitive internship position

Erica Price, Staff Reporter

A Revere student heard about an interesting internship opportunity in his AP Psychics class and decided to fill out an application. He had a strong interest in engineering and this internship allowed for the opportunity to explore his career interest. After he received the interview he waited to hear back for the internship. A few days later, during indoor track practice, he received a phone call from a manufacturer at the company that he had obtained the internship. He celebrated after such a competitive process, and prepared to get a head start into his future. 

Bridgestone has reached out to schools all across northeast Ohio for the past four years, giving internship applications to highly ranked high school students.

Bridgestone Corporation is a multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer. Firestone Tire and Rubber Company merged in 1988 when Bridgestone Corporation purchased Firestone, transforming the companies’ combined operations into the world’s largest tire and rubber company. 

Senior Michael Tomechko won an internship at Bridgestone Americas Technical Center in Akron, Ohio. Tomechko applied to the 2020 Bridgestone Merging STEM Leaders Program, after he received an application as a top student from principal Philip King, and AP Physics teacher, Jeff Shane. Tomechko talked about the application and interview process. 

“Shane introduced the opportunity to our physics class, and I was interested so I submitted an application. Afterwards, I was selected for a 30 minute interview with some of the Bridgestone teammates in mid-December. A few days after the interview, they called me to let me know I was accepted,” Tomechko said. 

Bridgestone’s internship program  receives 25 applicants from various high schools, and of those 25, 10 to 15 call back for an interview. After the interview, five applicants have been picked for the internship. 

The five students selected are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in areas of engineering, computer science , chemistry, material science, computer science, data science, mathematics, or physics. The internship is a ten week program, running from June 1st to August 7th. Tomechko talked about what this internship means for him. 

“I plan to go into chemical engineering, and this will give me a great chance to get an in-depth look into the field, some early job experience and make connections within Bridgestone,” Tomechko said. 

The requirements to be an applicant for the internship are a 32 or above on the ACT, being a student who excels in math and science classes,  especially AP Physics and AP Calculus and an interest in pursuing an undergraduate degree in engineering, science, or mathematical careers. 

Chad Saylor, a Senior Product Design Engineer Manager, has been at Bridgestone for seven years and is a leader of this internship program. He helped pick applicants for the interview and the internship. Saylor asked Revere to give an application to a student who met and excelled in these requirements. Saylor explained the competitiveness of the internship and what is expected of the students. 

“The expectation is that students perform at or above college juniors and seniors. The process is very selective and competitive, students are the top of the class,” Saylor said. 

Along with working and creating in their interest field, the program does group outings with the five applicants. Saylor explained one of the organizations that the program gets to visit this summer. 

“Along with focus on their career interests, the students get to visit Bridgestone facilities such as Agricultural Testing Center in Columbiana, Ohio,” Saylor said. 

 Principal Philip King helped forward an email from Saylor to the staff of the science department in regard to the application for the internship. King is happy to see another achieved student obtain the internship. King talked about how proud he was of Tomechko. 

“We’re proud of him and that accomplishment, not everyone gets picked and we wish him the best in his endeavor and hope he comes back and tells us how wonderful it was,” King said. 

With Tomechko’s selection, Revere becomes the fifth school to have a student in this program in multiple years, joining Hudson, Solon, Aurora and Green. 

Tomechko is excited to start his internship in the summer and focus on pursuing chemical engineering at a college of his choice. The internship gives him an opportunity to get a glimpse of his career. Tomechko will receive a 1,000 dollar college scholarship for being part of the selected five to attend this program.