Seniors anticipate prom, finalize plans

Lily Cowie, Staff Reporter

Excitement stirs among twelfth graders as senior prom grows closer and as class council members finish preparations for the upcoming celebration.

Senior Class Council President Andrew Boyazis talked about the theme for this year’s prom.

“The theme is ‘The Last Waltz.’ This will include blues and purples, which will give an overall classy, romantic vibe. There will be awesome lights, a huge dance floor and great flowers,” Boyazis said.

The theme plays a large role in    molding the experience for all attendees, as well as location and appearance of prom. In the previous year, prom was held at Portage Country Club.

Boyazis discussed the difference of this year’s prom, both in location and fundraising.

“This year the prom is at Quaker Square, where the dance floor is much larger and the space allows us to include all the details we want. We raised more money than any class in the last 15 years, so we got everything we wanted, including some surprises for throughout the night,” Boyazis said.

Class council members work hard to create a unique atmosphere for prom. Class Council Vice President Eliana Burlotos discussed the responsibilities of class council members.

“We are in charge of selecting a venue and all the decorations at the event. We met with a planner . . .  and told him our vision for the night. We picked the center pieces and the color of uplighting we want. We got to select which additives and stage setup we wanted, such as a soda bar and money cannons. We also get to pick what soda flavors we want and what we want to name them,” Burlotos said.

The celebration does not end when prom does; seniors can also attend After Prom. Local event planner Tamara Boyazis talked about the location and environment of After Prom.

“After Prom this year is again at Riviera Bowling Lanes. The seniors and their dates will come directly from prom and we will have many activities and games for them. We want to create a safe environment where the classmates can all be together and enjoy a casual night after the actual prom,” she said.

Prom takes place on Saturday April 28 and prom tickets will cost $55. After Prom tickets cost $10.