Revere hosts prom dress drive

Avery Miller-Dakota, Culture Editor

It’s all about the dress. The extensive glitz and glam associated with prom is often times unrealized. Nails are pimped; hair is sprayed and, makeup is done and redone. For some, however, the mere expense of formal-wear handicaps a girl from a crucial senior year tradition. As prom costs mount, Revere volunteers have decided to take action — a prom dress drive is in full swing.

For two years Revere has encouraged community members to donate dresses, shoes and accessories through Cinderella’s Dress, an organization that assists high school seniors with the economic burdens associated with prom. At the front of the prom season, students who cannot afford such luxuries can get them on a first-come first-serve basis. Avid volunteer Detective Amy Ellis from the Richfield Police Department (RPD) commented.

“The Police Department [serves] as a drop off point for anyone who [wants] to turn in dresses. We also assisted in promoting the event by posting the flier on social media,” Ellis said.

Situated at 4450 W Streetsboro Road in Richfield, the department is still accepting donations. The department works closely with the Revere school system on many projects. Revere High School’s At Risk Student Counselor Bonnie Simonelli approached the department about possible involvement in the fundraiser. Simonelli organized the event along with Revere’s PTSA Community CARE group.

“We have collected over 300 dresses, and [we] want to be sure the public knows about this so that they can attend the event,” Simonelli said.

The donated dresses are free of charge, along with all accessories. Students from across the county can pick up a dress in the cafeteria of Revere High School from 1 pm to 3 pm on Saturday, March 18. Revere principal Phil King detailed Revere’s motive for participating.

“We are doing it as a service to the community,” King said.

Simple but true to its purpose, Simonelli partnered with Fussy Cleaners so that each dress will be fresh. This grassroots effort, coupled with local support, is open to everybody.