Mu Alpha Theta allows students to compete in mathematics

Kurt Benedict, Staff Reporter

From the perspective of many students, Mu Alpha Theta sounds like a stereotypical club, but it is actually a lot more than just a club.
Sophomore Kyle Shin, who actively participates in the club, commented on why he joined Mu Alpha Theta.

“I thought I excelled in math very well, so I decided to join Mu Alpha Theta, because it involves a lot of math, and I thought I would be a great help to the group,” Shin said.

Shin got 4th place in the regional district math competition last year.

“I know I didn’t get 4th in the district competition just by doing the problems in the classroom directly. I actually had to go home and research those concepts to learn more about them,” Shin said.
Shin explained the best part about being in Mu Alpha Theta.

“The best part is going to the meetings and having fun solving the problems,” Shin said.

Sophomore Jack Krew, who is also an active member of the club, commented on what he likes about Mu Alpha Theta.

“It’s a lot of fun competing against people of similar skill levels,” Krew said.

Krew also commented about what he thought about the math contests, which are usually online.

“They’re challenging but they make you apply classroom skills,” Krew said.

Krew also recommended the club to other students.

“Anyone that’s thinking about it should do it, because it’s a fun program, especially with friends,” Krew said.

Participation in Mu Alpha Theta also helps students when they are in the classroom.

Mu Alpha Theta adviser, Joanne Gillette, explained how students’ participation influences classroom performance.

“[They] strive harder in the classroom in order to do well in the next math contest,” Gillette said.

Gillette also said that a student must attain a high grade in math while attending practices and placing in competitions before they can actually be a part of the honor society itself.

Gillette also explained what other things Mu Alpha Theta does.

“We have a lot of math contests during the year after school, but we also talk about interesting math topics and help students prepare for math contests at our practices. We also contribute to the annual Pi Day outreach to the school, as well as participate in other district events like Haunted High to interact with students from Bath and Hillcrest Elementary,” Gillette said.

Gillette commented on what she likes best about Mu Alpha Theta.

“I enjoy watching students perform well and receive the recognition they deserve, and I also enjoy the intellectual stimulation of students who enjoy math as much as I do,” Gillette said.

The Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society also offers other services that benefit the community, such as free math tutoring for students who might be struggling in their math class or need help with their homework.

Jack Krew and Kyle Shin expressed that they will continue their active participation in Mu Alpha Theta in the future.