New staff members join high school

Avery Miller-Dakota, Staff Reporter

After the 2014 RHS baseball season came to a close, freshman Coach Stephen Wido decided he could not part from Revere’s united and close knit community. As it turns out, Revere had vacancies in its teaching staff, where legacies such as Bob Buchanan and Linda Weigand once reigned. Students, staff, and affiliates of RHS welcome new faculty to the district including but not limited to Geometry teacher Stephen Wido and Intervention Specialist Samantha Schlegel.

Revere’s personnel committee conducts a solid background check on any future employee. Superintendent Boroff details the hiring process.

“We contact former employers, co-workers, etc. to find out about the candidates character and past performance. Then, by law, every candidate must be fingerprinted and a complete background check related to legal issues is completed by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the FBI,” said Boroff.

Before teaching at Revere, Wido educated the young minds at Buckeye Junior High. When Wido realized his passion wasn’t middle school but high school, he was drawn to the collective tone Revere brings to the workplace. Wido explains his passion for the ‘side by side’ motto the teachers seem to exhibit.

“The teachers talk more and they’re more of a team. The teachers are more united. The parents want to meet more after school. I’d say here the parents are much more involved,” said Wido.

Unlike Wido, Schlegel pursued an alternative career before realizing her passion for teaching. Schlegel comments on her days prior to Revere.

“I have [an] undergrad [degree] in Political Science and Criminal Justice and I had applied to law school and I wanted to be a lawyer. I was going to go into Public Service and my internship was in the juvenile court system and I thought maybe I could do more by catching kids further up and maybe make more of an impact,” said Schlegel.

According to both Schlegel and Wido, life outside of the Revere school district is much different. Aside from an attempt at a career in law, Schlegel has experience in the school house. She served as a long term substitute at Jackson High School. At Jackson she taught AP Government, Street Law, American History, and AP Psychology. Although obvious differences including student size and length of periods were present, characteristics including student drive and parent involvement are also apparent according to Schlegel. Schlegel compared her prior work place environment to Revere’s own.

“It’s a different job role. I had all juniors and seniors and the expectations of an AP class are pretty intense. Here it’s a little bit different and still a little bit intense. But also Jackson was a school of 2,000. [There is] definitely a lot of people here who grew up here their whole life. Not everybody knows each other [at Jackson],” Schlegel said.

Wido noted the characteristics regarding student drive that makes Revere different from Buckeye.

“You have your group of kids who are motivated. There are more students students here who are like that. They’re more into learning here,” Wido said.

Aside from day to day teaching and after school tutoring, both Schlegel and Wido advise an extra-curricular. Schlegel was named co-Mock Trial advisor under Mrs. Friery and Wido serves as the freshman baseball Coach. Schlegel expresses her excitement and appreciation for her Mock Trial experience.

“It definitely gets me to know kids that I never would have previously. It’s something I’ve always been interested in and I think the program is really awesome here,” said Schlegel.

Referring to both Schlegel and Wido, there is no lack of experience. Wido’s buckeye experience steers him toward a successful year. Schlegel has found a way to also pursue law by not only connecting with the students in a classroom setting but also through a club centered in the court room.