Summit Choral Society provides opportunities for students

Avery Miller-Dakota, Staff Reporter

At an early age RHS junior Nick Jones discovered he had a talent. It was not until his parents put him in the Summit Choral Society that he flourished. It was not until Revere sophomore Kelly Scheetz joined the Society that she realized her passion for music. It was not until Madi Williams joined the Society that she had the courage to try out for the school play.

While students at Revere High School only begin to get back into the school routine with homework and extra-curriculars, the students who participate in the Summit Choral Society (SCS) have traveled the country, performed over a dozen times and have begun preparation for their Christmas concerts yet to come. Jones, Scheetz and Williams, along with students from 50 other schools, contribute their musical talent to the society through year-round performances and international tours taken every other summer.

Every Monday night the students who participate in the Summit Choral Society are preparing for their next concert. The genre of music performed is based on the season in which the concert is taking place. Williams noted the differences in music for every seasonal performance.

“Our winter season is exclusively Christian based and our spring and fall concerts are half-and-half,” Williams said.

According to Scheetz, the Summit Choral Society not only teaches students the importance of music and the feeling of satisfaction earned from a good performance, but also how to work as a unit. Scheetz voiced her thoughts as she reflected on what she has gained from her SCS experience.

“I am in the Summit Choral Society because it is my favorite activity . . . . My best friends are in touring choir with me, and it is my one chance a week that I get to see them. The touring choir also provides me with many new experiences, such as traveling to different countries and states,” Scheetz said.

Aside from performing locally, Jones, Scheetz, Williams, and the team travel internationally to perform non-competitively in a variety of venues. The touring choir has decided to take on Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic this summer on their twelve day European tour. Scheetz explained the society’s plans for their trip to Europe next summer.

“We are going on a river boat cruise on the Danube River. During our trips, we perform in many concerts, and we also do impromptu performances in random places,” Scheetz said.

Although the musicians have school work and day-to-day jobs to attend to, their European tour is waiting for them where they will not only perform in more than three different countries but also see the joy music brings. Going on eight years, Jones can say his SCS experience has encouraged him to be involved in music after high school. Going on seven years, Williams can conclude SCS has expanded her knowledge on the music world. Going on six years, Scheetz can successfully say SCS has not only made her a better singer but has also given her a second family.