Students participate in local orchestras

Malorie Newingham, Staff Reporter

October 29, 2013

Filed under Feature

Junior Clarice Sigsworth reminisced about the first time she heard a brass ensemble play an arrangement of “Moon River. The musicians cultivated a sound that Sigsworth found beautiful. She listens to it on her iPod still, and...

Junior serves as student council president

Jacob Zimmerman, Reporter

October 29, 2013

Filed under Feature

Orders for the Homecoming decorations were missing, and Student Council’s notification on the matter arrived only one day before the Homecoming game. After brainstorming on how to tackle the dilemma for an hour and a half, Miranda...

Freshman participates in acting classes

Ayesha Krovi, News Editor

October 28, 2013

Filed under Feature

Freshman Hannah Case begins her scene. As she starts, she remembers everything she learned in her acting classes and uses it to her advantage. Case has committed herself to a character. For the past week, she studied this character...

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