Library relocates to gym amid construction

Maggy Messner, Staff Reporter

With the construction of the new Revere High School, the library has temporarily relocated and new updates are taking place. 

Over winter break, the Science and Media Wing of RHS closed as construction continues. Among the many classrooms getting relocated, the library has also temporarily moved to the auxiliary gym office. Media Specialist Cynthia Beshara explained where the new library is located and where students should go. 

“Library services is now located in the former social studies office, which is on the balcony area of the auxiliary gym,” Beshara said. 

According to principal King, when the Media Center  is finished with renovations in September 2020, it will have transformed into a new space with a more relaxed feel. RHS principal Phillip King explained what the new Media Center will look like. 

“The new library will be in the same place, but it will be refurbished. It will look a little different, have a different feel to it and will create a new traffic pattern,” King said.

Although the finished Media Center will be smaller than the original library, according to King the space will be better used and will make the room feel larger. Although there is not a physical library for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, students are still able to return books. Students can also still check out certain resources. 

“Students have continued to check out new materials. They have access to new books, magazines, and newspapers,” Beshara said. 

Although students may no longer have the option of picking a book from the school library, students are still expected to have a book to read and be able to get their own book for reading projects. English teacher and holder of the English department chair, Leigh Haynam, explained how this affects students and book projects. 

“Students [can] acquire books on their own rather than using the library or, [students] could use the public libraries in the community, so the show must go on. We can still find a way for students to do independent reading,” Haynam said. 

If a student is having issues with their iPad, the library is still available for help. King explained where a student should go if they need help or need resources that were previously located in the library. 

“[The librarians] are working from there to help with any technical issues, or with ordering, or with any type of book renewal that needs to take place,” King said. 

In addition to physical resources such as magazines, there is also an online virtual library that students have access to. The virtual library contains resources such as Gale Ohio, Info Ohio and Noodletools. 

“There is 24/7 access to our virtual library which includes a number of electronic resources for student projects,” Beshara said.

If a student needs to return a book, there is a box outside of the auxiliary gym for returns. King is also grateful for the staff and students cooperation during this busy time. 

“Everyone comes in, does their job, goes to class. It doesn’t seem to be a big push or issue down there and it seems like everyone is doing a great job with this adjustment. I’m really grateful for everyone’s patience in getting this done,” King said. 

After school tutoring and studying will now take place in room 122 after school.