RHS Activities: Week of February 28, 2022


Academic Challenge meets two days a week, Mondays and Fridays. The club trains and competes in fast-paced trivia competitions.


Active Minds meets this Tuesday (3/1/22) to talk about events and plans in March. Mandatory for members but any student at RHS can attend.


Freshman Class Council holds meetings at 7am before school every Thursday. Any freshmen who would like to do so may attend.


Junior Statesmen of America meets the last Wednesday of each month in Mr. Fry’s room (C110).


Mu Alpha Theta will meet March 1st for MathCON, March 3rd for a meeting discussing mathleage.org, March 8th for an ACT review session, and March 10th for an ASMA contest.d


Revere Mock Trial qualified for the state championship tournament which will be held March 10-12th.


Students Demand Action will meet March 2nd in Mr. Fry’s room (C110).


Write On meets every Friday from 2:45-4:45 in Room C204. During each meeting students will have a limited amount of time to create a story based on the prompt given.  Avid member of the club Belle Dalley explained why they joined the club.

“I participate because I very much enjoy writing. I have written several short stories on my own. It helps with my spontaneity of writing in the moment,” Dalley said.

Dalley talked about what happens at a usual club meeting.

“We are given a prompt [then] we get 40 minutes to write and we share [our stories] out loud,” Dalley said.

    Dalley explains why other students should join the club.

“It helps with creativity even though you might not be the best writer. It definitely helps improve your writing just from joining and being in the club and I think everyone should at least try coming once,” Dalley said.