Staff members receive COVID-19 vaccine

Drug Mart issues Pfizer vaccine to Revere teachers, administrators, and staff members


Maggy Messner

Staff Prepare for Vaccination


With Ohio teachers named as a priority for the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, all Revere staff members a received the Pfizer vaccine. 

Revere staff, which includes teachers, principals, janitors, prominent subs, and any other staff working directly with students, received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on February 11th. The vaccination comes as a major step in safely operating schools alongside the prominent Coronavirus. 

Revere High School Principal Phil King explained the basics of the vaccine.

“We will be getting the Pfizer vaccine. All staff are able to get that vaccine, which comes in two doses. The Pharmacists from Discount DrugMart will be giving us our injections,” King said. 

Revere is not the only district starting vaccination within its staff. Senior Deputy Director of the Ohio Health Department Lance Himes explained how the vaccine roll-out process will happen throughout the state of Ohio. 

“Vaccine supply is scarce, and there is not enough [of the] vaccine to vaccinate every eligible K-12 staff member at the same time. Vaccination of Ohio’s K-12 teachers and school employees will be staggered, with the goal of all K-12 teachers or employees having the opportunity to receive their first dose by March 1, 2021,” Himes said. 

Revere worked closely with the Health Department to come up with a plan for their staff to receive the vaccine. Revere Communications Specialist Jennifer Reece elaborated on the process.

“The district worked with the Summit County Department of Health and the Northeast ESC to determine how we could acquire the vaccine for staff and were connected with Discount Drug Mart. We did not have a say in which vaccine we could get. It depended on the supply, demand [and] shipments that were coming in,” Reece said. 

Although not mandatory, both the CDC and the Ohio Health Department strongly recommend receiving the vaccine. Just like with any other vaccination, teachers are able to opt out of it and choose not to receive it. Reece explained more about the number of people receiving the vaccine.

“We had approximately 335 people opt to get the vaccine, but this also included some of our coaches who are not employed as a staff member by the district. Approximately 75 percent of our staff opted to get the vaccine,” Reece said.

Although teachers receiving vaccines increases safety for both students and staff, much of the COVID protocol at school will not be changing. 

“We are still going to be masking [and] providing social distancing for people simply because there is not enough information about if someone still has the vaccine, can they still be carriers,” King said. 

Many of the Revere staff are especially grateful for the quick vaccination process and see this as a huge improvement. This vaccination will not only keep staff safe, but also students. 

“We waited a long time. I’m very pleased that we are able to get the vaccine to help keep students safe and help keep ourselves safe. It has been very stressful for everyone and I think this will help relieve some stress,” King said. 

Staff received the second dose on March 5th.