Parade held for Granger Fire Department Chief


Colton Carmichael

Parade line up for Chief Jim Paulett

Colton Carmichael, Reporter

The Granger Fire Department Chief was surprised with a drive-by parade of friends and family members in support of his recovery from the Coronavirus.

Jim Paulett has spent fifty years serving as a fireman. He is the former Bath Fire Chief and the present day Fire Chief of Granger. Paulett contracted Covid-19 in August, causing him to pause on his duties. Since then, he has received support from co-workers, friends and family as he continues his recovery. Fire departments across Northeast Ohio sent at least one truck in support of Paulett. Along with the fire trucks, there were police cruisers, motorcycles, tractors and horses involved with the parade. Furthermore, there were 43 individual cars present in support of the Granger Fire Chief. Paulett talked about his emotions during the parade.

“I did not know that the parade was going to happen. It was very touching. I started my career as a fireman at a young age, and to see the support was very humbling,” Paulett said.

Paulett’s sister and brother-in-law, Kitty and Ed Butler, were two of the community members that helped organize the parade. They helped decorate Paulett’s front lawn, along with setting up the parade route. Ed Butler talked about setting up the parade.

“There is a strong bond amongst firemen. [The parade] was a huge success. We figured there were fourteen fire departments represented, along with 43 individual cars, some floats, horses and tractors,” Butler said.

President of the Military and First Responders Club Zack Coffey also helped out in the preparation of the parade. Coffey created the club to show support for individuals that have served our country in some way. He, as well as other club members, helped the Butlers set up and direct traffic in an orderly manner. Coffey talked about his involvement in the parade.

“Once I found out about [the parade], I jumped at it because it was the first chance we [had] to make a difference. I love all of our first responders and those who serve in the military. That is why I started this club, to show support for them, and this was a perfect way to do that,” Coffey said.

The parade was a success, according to Kitty Butler. She believed it was a great way to show support for Paullet while being socially distant. She talked about her favorite moment of the parade.

“Of all the wonderful memories from yesterday, the one thing that really brought tears to my eyes was when the two motorcyclists circled back to Jim, stopped their motorcycles, and saluted him,” she said.

Paulett is also a security guard at Cleveland Clinic, and he believes health should always be on everyone’s mind. Paulett specified the value of health for people of all ages.

“Health is very important. It does not matter if you are 17 or 57. You have to be safe during these times and wash your hands, wear your masks, and social distance,” Paulett said.