Revere switches to online tickets for sporting events


Caroline Gage

A parent ready to check in spectators online tickets

Caroline Gage, Reporter

Revere High School has implemented new policies regarding sporting events due to Covid-19 protocols, but some changes Revere enforced are permanent.

The current global pandemic continues to alter many common aspects of the fall sporting event experience, but certain policies instituted for the safety of those attending allow the activities to take place.
Athletic Director Tom McKinnon explained that Revere’s policy regarding game attendance depends on the attendance in stadiums and gyms.

“[This policy] was set by the state at 15% [capacity],” McKinnon said.

The policy does not pertain exclusively to Revere. State officials heavily influenced the policies Revere currently upholds. McKinnon explained that the protocol originally permitted two tickets per player because they wanted to enforce the state-wide guidelines and guarantee a safe experience for individuals who attend the events.

“This was just to make sure that [they] could fit everyone safely,” McKinnon said.
Currently at home games, three guests are able to attend per player.
Another set of guidelines issued by the Ohio High School Athletic Association recommends enforcing the mask policies and proper seating regulations while at a sporting event. When asked what rules Revere follows during this time, Principal Phillip King referred to the guidelines that Revere strictly abides by.

“Family groupings must maintain a six foot distance in all directions. All family members that attend games must wear a mask appropriately during all portions and times of the game,” King said.
Another change within the sporting event experience is the ticket purchasing methods. Revere recently transitioned to virtual tickets and will not be accepting cash.

Dr. Matthew L. Montgomery, the district superintendent, mentioned that a group composed of members of the athletic office, high school administration, and central office decided on the switch to virtual ticketing.
“It was even more attractive given the pandemic, and [we] wanted to protect the ticket takers and minimize money exchange. This way we can streamline the process and get people safely in and out of auditoriums, gyms, or stadiums,” Montgomery said.

With certain factors that sporting events contribute to the transmission of COVID-19, King believes this policy is essential because of the contact tracing that may be necessary.

Although virtual tickets appear to be practical, one problem is the constant need to guide visitors through the use of this new application. If an individual is struggling with the ticket purchasing process, members within the athletic office and administration can provide assistance.

If an individual experiences problems when attempting to purchase a ticket, Mrs. Greulich, Mr. McKinnon, Mr. King, and Mr. Faris can provide assistance.
McKinnon expressed that overall, this new method is working well and the parents are adjusting and adapting to the system.

Virtual ticketing, considered even before COVID-19 affected the sporting event experience, provides guests with the ability to simply use their phone to purchase a ticket instead of waiting in line or fidgeting around to find dollar bills wedged in the deep depths of their wallets.

“[Revere] started looking at online ticketing in the spring before school was shut down,” McKinnon said.

Many restrictions placed on sporting events will subside after the pandemic but Revere plans to maintain its use of virtual tickets.
“Many people do not work with cash anymore, they work with their credit card,” McKinnon said.

By making tickets more practical and easy to buy, Revere hopes to continue this ticketing process to protect the individuals handling the money and after the pandemic, further the efficiency this method provides.

After being notified that the 15% capacity restriction will continue to remain in effect, Revere plans to keep using the online ticketing method for the upcoming winter season and any further sporting events.