Revere High School adds new delay schedule

Maggy Messner , Staff Reporter

Revere High School has implemented a new schedule that will allow staff to meet and plan an hour before school begins nine times a semester. 

The high school staff is working to improve students test scores and relationships with teachers. One of the ways the staff is looking to help their students is a new schedule change that will take place nine times a semester where teachers will meet the first hour of the day and students will come in an hour later and resume class as usual. This schedule, known as Professional Learning Community time, or PLC time, helps teachers share lesson plans and work to improve students scores in school. Principal Phil King is taking advantage of this time to meet with teachers.

“We want our staff to have an opportunity to look at data, to look at information and be able to plan collaboratively and come up with lessons for our students,” King said.

Doug Faris, assistant principal, is always looking for ways students can get more involved and informed about their school.

“PLC time gives us a chance to meet with all the grades because students are not being pulled out of class to attend a class meeting and so they don’t have to miss any instructions,” Faris said. 

King is using this time to help educate teachers and help teachers adjust to the new schedule. This year the high school introduced a different bell schedule that affects the amount of class time available every day. 

“During this time, we will look at research about [how] students best learn and what kinds of things they can do to give students a better education. Teachers will be sharing how they do lessons. The majority of our staff is used to 72 minutes, but now they are going to be teaching with shorter time frames so they will be sharing how they have adjusted,” King said. 

Students are also able to use this time for club meetings as long as they have a teacher there to supervise. District Superintendent Matthew Montgomery explains how students are able to optimize this time for extracurricular activities.  

“The major benefit for students is that they will be able to get their extra curricular activities and club meetings during that time,” Montgomery said. 

The buses will still run at the same time for students coming into school, so students are welcome to arrive an hour later if they are able to get a ride to school. If students do ride the bus, there will be a quiet study hall provided in the cafeteria. 

“If students do arrive by bus, then please go straight to the cafeteria and then go to your locker after the first bell rings. Don’t stand around or socialize in the hallways,” Faris said. 

This PLC schedule will continue on at RHS even with the new building next year. This year will serve as a testing year to work out all of the problems the new schedule has. 

“[Next year] we are not having a new schedule and a new building and trying to do that all at the same time, so having it work this year is going to be crucial for our success in years to come,” King said. 

The next PLC time day will take place on November 6, 2019.