K-Pop group announces new album

Sydney McDonald, Reporter

BE:LIFT is a media company created by the collaboration of CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment. BE:LIFT formed the new korean pop (kpop) group Enhypen in November of 2020, with the release of their debut EP titled BORDER : DAY ONE. The EP includes six songs totaling to 16 minutes.

Each member of Enhypen participated in a survival show titled I-Land. Taking place during the summer, this show allowed fans from around the world to vote and decide which trainees could fulfill their dreams of being a kpop idol. The producers of the show introduced a seven member lineup at the finale of the 12th episode. This group, with an average age of 16.7 years old and members of various nationalities, includes Yang Jungwon (Korean), Lee Heesung (Korean), Nishimura Riki (Japanese), Jay Park (Korean-American), Jake Sim (Korean-Australian), Park Sunghoon (Korean), and Kim Sunoo (Korean). Each of the trainees’ lives prior to the show led to the production of this debut EP while also facing the criticism of those who believe their debut was essentially given to them.

The title track, “Given-Taken,” begins with a harp in A major key. The first lyrics that Heesung sings, “Wake up in day one,” signify the beginning of their debut. The lyrics express the concerns they have about whether people will support their debut. As the lyrics suggest, “thousands of doubts behind me, more thousands of mistrust behind me” (translated from Korean). BigHit, the company that harbors other famous artists, directly influenced the show featuring some of their artists and producers specially for the occasion. The boys hope that they can live to the expectations of this company while also gaining success on their own accord, without people wondering if the company’s influence gave them their success. “Given-Taken” is a hip-hop song that details the members’ ambition in their debut and willingness to brave the challenges that may come. This song was written by Tae Yun Kim, Lil 27 Club, Bang Si Hyuk, Melanie Joy Fontana, Andreas Carlsson, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg and Kyler Niko.

“Outro : Cross the Line” displays a startling change in sound, giving the listener a French-sounding song with the feel of the play Phantom of the Opera. Similar to the intro, the lyrics tell a story in English about their debut. Jay voices over this more sinister-sounding track with the ominous echoing of a children’s choir. At the end of the official “Given-Taken” music video, listeners recognize snippets from this outro. Both Wonderkid and Shin Kung wrote and produced this outro.
Overall, each of the songs have high production value and displays each of the boys determination and talent from the challenges they faced pre-debut.