President deserves praise not condemnation for Soleimani killing


Michael McKee, Editor-in-Chief

The decade started off with quite a scare when relations between the US and Iran seemed to reach a breaking point. On January 3, President Donald Trump ordered a drone strike on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, killing him near the Baghdad International Airport. While the United States should have come together to celebrate, people found something to get upset about. Trump’s decision to kill Soleimani was more than justified after many years of terrorist acts and killings organized by the general. 

A poll conducted by USA Today found that 55% of Americans say the killing of Soleimani makes the US less safe, while 53% support Congress limiting Trump’s ability to order military strikes. Elsewhere, anti-Americanism has soared around the world since Trump took office, according to Pew research. The US’s European and NATO allies do not support Trump’s latest strikes on Iran, nor pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. The amount of opposition president Trump is facing for killing a terrorist is sickening. 

Soleimani had a larger terror rap sheet than Osama Bin Laden. From supplying exceptionally deadly armaments to terror groups in Iraq, to directly planning and financing the 2012 attacks on US diplomatic and intelligence facilities in Benghazi, Libya. According to the Department of Defense, Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US service men and women. 

US, Iran relations seemed to reach a breaking point early this year.

Trump’s decision has effectively deterred the Iranian government. The killing of Soleimani showed the people of Iran that their government is not invincible. Since the attack, Iran shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet killing all 176 people on board. While immediately denying allegations that they shot it down, Iran succumbed to pressure from foreign governments and admitted their mistakes. According to CNN, This caused many Iranian protesters to take to the streets calling for an end to the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei’s reign. 

Instead of scrutinizing the president, world leaders should rejoice at such an accomplishment. Trump’s ability to deter foreign governments is unmatched as every major conflict that arises during his presidency has ultimately gone away. It should no longer be a question as to whether Trump and his administration can handle foreign policy, they clearly can and will continue to do so.