Revere Local Schools to add new vending machines across district

Chloe Grimm, Staff Reporter

Revere Middle School and High School will be getting new vending machines, with more food and payment options, owned by and filled by Revere’s Food and Services Department.

The current vending machines are owned by different companies including Pepsi and Coca Cola. This means that the money goes to different companies instead of going to the district. Bill Conley, principal at Revere Middle School explained how the new vending machines will work.

“In our teachers’ lounge we have a Coke machine, but we only get a very small percentage of [the money] as a district. We signed a contract with Coke. Coke brings us the machine, they take the money, and the sales give us a small portion for using our school,” Conley said. 

These new vending machines will feature new ways to pay, including the use of a credit or debit card, and students can pay with their lunch codes as well. Conley illustrated staff excitement for the credit card feature.

“Well, the staff is just as excited as the students. They are looking forward to being able to walk in there and if you forget lunch you can buy a salad or just something right out of the machine, and just use your credit card, too, which is nice,” Conley said.

With the new high school coming, Revere’s Food and Service Department is placing the new vending machines at different times, depending on the school. Matthew Montgomery, Superintendent at Revere, elucidated when the department will execute this. 

“The middle school and all faculty lounges with the absence of the high school will happen by May, and the high school machines will be up and running for the opening of the new building,” Montgomery said.

The Food and Services Department will install the new vending machines in the new high school, the middle school and a few machines for staff at the elementary schools. 

Aaron Gnap, the food services director, is in charge of the new vending machines and explained where they will place them and the different types of machines.

Gnap said that both the middle school and the high school will get two drink machines, two snack machines, and a cold machine that will dispense cold food items. The staff and administration buildings will have a drink machine as well, for a total of fifteen machines.