Student council president shares talents


Natalie Morel

Cronin’s piece depicts his grandmother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s.

Natalie Morel, Reporter

After attending Revere for thirteen years, Nathan Cronin is finally preparing to graduate. He has participated in many different activities and in his senior year; he has even become president of a few clubs at Revere High School. 

Cronin is currently a senior at Revere High School. He is the president of the Student Council and he also participates in a few other clubs at RHS. Cronin will attend the University of Pennsylvania in the fall and has plans to major in nursing. 

Cronin explained why he chose to run for Student Council president. 

“I was originally junior class council president, but then I decided to switch to student council, just because I liked how student council was all grades and not just one,” Cronin said. 

Cronin said he has a lot of school spirit and he is able to express that in Student Council.

Nathan Cronin (Natalie Morel )

“I like the spirit aspect of it, spirit weeks are really fun for me,” Cronin said. 

Cronin talked about what it has been like being Student Council president this past year. 

“It’s a pretty fun job. I would say, there’s also a lot to do, but we have awesome advisers,” Cronin said. 

Elizabeth Long, one of the advisers of Student Council, talked about how she thinks that Cronin was a great pick for president. 

“I was excited when I heard last year that he was going to put his name in for president of the Student Council because he’s just one of those people who you can rely on, one of those people who you can count on to get the job done,” Long said. 

Long was previously a counselor at Revere Middle School, so she has known Cronin since he was in seventh grade and has been able to watch him grow as a leader. 

“He and also a bunch of other seniors who kind of work along with him . . . it has been great to see how they planned activity nights at the middle school and now how they’ve done things like planning successful homecomings and different dances here,” Long said. 

Long described Cronin and how he teaches the other students how to be good leaders. 

“Sometimes you worry if this student is going to be gone, what’s going to happen next year? But I think that he’s been such a strong leader that he’s kind of paved the way for people. He’s shown them how to lead and so I think that even though Cronin will be gone and doing his own thing, that the legacy he is leaving here is going to last a long time,” Long said. 

Long also talked about how positive Cronin is with his work in Student Council. 

“I think Cronin just has a kind spirit and I think that that is a common theme that runs through everything that he does. He’s very thoughtful about his decisions and very much wants to get people involved,” she said. 

Cronin talked about how great it has been this year without so many COVID-19 precautions.

“We had COVID for so long and last year we couldn’t really do that much stuff, but now it’s kind of like we reopened the doors,” Cronin said. 

Cronin talked about how his favorite thing he has done with Student Council this year was the homecoming dance. 

“I’ve always gone to homecoming throughout high school, but to run it was a completely different experience . . . we had like the most ticket sales ever which was really fun,” Cronin said. 

Cronin said that he would definitely recommend Student Council to other students and that it is so great because it is open to everyone. 

I think that student council is definitely the most inclusive club that there is. It doesn’t take that much to be a member; you just have to attend meetings and partake in whatever we do,” Cronin said. 

Megan Azzolina, the Vice President of Student Council, talked about what it is like working with Cronin. 

“He’s extremely organized. He’s always on top of contacting people. He’s constantly looking for new things for student council to try that we haven’t done in the past and just a very innovative leader overall,” she said. 

Azzolina also spoke about how and why Cronin is such a great leader. 

“I think he’s a good leader. He’s a great speaker too. He’s very good at speaking to larger groups, and he’s very good at persuading people, which I think makes a good leader,” she said. 

Although Cronin spends a lot of his time in Student Council, he also participates in many other activities at RHS. 

“I am the president of Project Love. I’m the Vice President of Students Demand Action, and the secretary of Key Club,” Cronin said. 

Cronin explained some of the things that Project Love does for the community. 

“We basically just hold drives throughout the year, last year we did three donation drives . . . we did winter clothing drives for kids in need and then we also did toiletry drives for the Haven of Rest homeless center and stuff like that,” Cronin said. 

Cronin has also recently won an award for one of his art pieces that he made in class; he explained what it was. 

“It was a national gold key award for scholastics art and writing. I got the New York life award, so basically it was about grief and how to handle stuff like that. Then this summer, I think in early June, I get to go to New York and to Carnegie Hall,” Cronin said. 

Cronin explained what his piece looked like and why he made it. 

“I did a picture of my grandma, and I did a scribble drawing of her. It was her screaming, and it was just supposed to symbolize Alzheimer’s and her battle with that. I did a scribble drawing just because of the stress of it all and how complex the disease is,” Cronin said. 

Cronin also spoke about how he feels about graduating. 

I am excited to graduate. I’m sad to say goodbye to Revere because I’ve been here since kindergarten, but I’m excited for a new chapter,” Cronin said. 

Cronin will soon start his senior internship at Colonial Pharmacy and say goodbye to RHS. Cronin spent his senior year leading the other students and planning successful school-wide events.