Revere alumna flips coin at Super Bowl LV


Patrick Smith

Suzie Dorner on the field before Super Bowl LV.

Colton Carmichael, Sports Editor

Revere High School alumna and current Tampa General Hospital Nurse Manager was chosen to be an honorary captain for Super Bowl LV.

Suzie Dorner graduated from Revere High School in 2008. As a student, Dorner was a part of Revere’s yearbook staff, soccer team, lacrosse team, and more. She then graduated high school and pursued a career in nursing. After college, Dorner moved to Tampa in 2012 and began to work for Tampa General Hospital. 

Dorner was elected as Nurse Manager in October of 2019, months before the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. When the virus struck, her intensive care unit became the COVID-19 care unit in a matter of days. Dorner and her team worked to help individuals who are dealing with the virus. Now, a little over a year later, Dorner was informed that she, along with her team, would be attending Super Bowl LV and later found out that she would be an honorary captain for the event.

“I was, first of all, in utter shock when it was announced. I am honored and humbled to be named an honorary captain of Super Bowl LV,” Dorner said.

Dorner’s Super Bowl week was packed with events. The Super Bowl festivities started Friday night at the NFL honors. Dorner was able to present the Defensive Rookie of the Year award to Washington Football Team’s Chase Young. She then attended a musical performance on Sunday before the game.

“On Super Bowl Sunday, I was able to attend part of Miley Cyrus’s Tik Tok Tailgate pregame show, and that was just for healthcare workers that got vaccinated and got tickets to go to the game,” Dorner said.

After the show, Dorner embarked to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s suite. Just before the coin toss, Dorner then left the suite to the field. She then met the referee so she could practice flipping the coin. Finally, as Dorner walked onto the field, Amanda Gorman’s poem played over the speakers. Dorner stated she watched Gorman read the poem on Friday, and Dorner talked about her reaction.

“[Gorman] has such an amazing way with her words. When I originally heard it, I was in tears. It was so beautiful,” Dorner said.

Dorner then flipped the coin and started Super Bowl LV. She was very humbled by the experience and was very grateful for the National Football League in their efforts to support all healthcare workers during these times.

“[To the National Football League], thank you all so much for your generosity and for continuing to support all of the healthcare professionals. I think it is amazing that [the league] chose to recognize us on this platform that hundreds of millions of people watch, so thank you so much,” Dorner said.

Dorner received many celebratory calls and texts from her high school friends, as well as continued support from the Revere community. Her favorite English teacher from high school was Leslie Fouser. Fouser said that Dorner would never fail to animate her peers and talked about how she was a student full of optimism. Fouser was proud of the women Dorner had become.

“Seeing Suzie center field Sunday evening was a proud moment.  It was well deserved for her and the front line nurses she so well represents.  After an unprecedented year in health care, Suzie handled herself with poise and confidence,” Fouser said.

Current Revere High School Principal Phil King had a message for Dorner on behalf of the Revere community. King talked about how active she appeared in the district and how she is a strong leader for everyone to look up to. King then concluded with this statement.

“We are really proud of the woman she has become and the way she has always been a leader here, and it has really shown. We are really proud of her accomplishments, and we hope that her future has wonderful things ahead,” King said.

While the Super Bowl was a break for Dorner, she expressed that the battle against COVID-19 is not over. She wished that everyone followed the guidelines given to them to be safe.

“We have hope on the horizon with the vaccine, but the pandemic isn’t over. I hope that people still abide by social distancing and wearing their masks. Be safe out there,” Dorner said.