Local cowboy also student at Revere High School

Colton Carmichael , Reporter

Oftentimes in western movies, high noon has a very significant impact. Most plots contain an epic showdown between the heroic cowboy against the villianistic outlaw. However, when it is high noon at Revere High School, local cowboy Cole Brownlee is eating his lunch without any outlaws to worry about.

Cole Brownlee enjoys everything western, especially the attire of the cowboy. He owns everything common in a cowboy’s wardrobe, such as a hat, boots, flannel shirts and a belt buckle. Whenever there is a special occasion, Brownlee can be found sporting the gear of the horse-riding heroes. Nonetheless, Brownlee also uses the principles of the cowboy in his everyday life. The influences he had as a child sculpted the mentality he has through life, along with impacting his closet.

Many factors led Brownlee to this lifestyle. Brownlee speaks about his vacations to Texas and Tennessee being his first sample of a cowboy. However, Brownlee’s most important influence came from the classic Pixar movie Toy Story. He was exposed to the film at a very young age, which caused him to fall in love with the concept of the cowboy. Brownlee gives credit to Sheriff Woody for the ideals that he’s used his whole life.

“Sheriff Woody made a major impact. I was pretty young when I watched Toy Story for the first time. It’s just the evolution of the characters and the finding of friends in different places. As I got older, I appreciated it for the lessons it taught me,” Brownlee said.

Brownlee’s relationship with his grandfather also sparked his passion for western stories. Brownlee’s grandfather is a passionate fan of all westesrn stories, which inspired Cole. They would talk about each movie, and what made it different from the other western films. The impact his grandfather had transformed Brownlee to the cowboy he is today.

“I have always watched [western movies] with my grandfather. The ones with John Wayne [were the movies I remembered watching the most]. [My grandfather] was someone to watch a movie with. He grew up with those movies, so it’s interesting to see his take on them,” Brownlee said.

Brownlee has overtaken the ideals of the cowboy and is using them in his life. Brownlee is the starting safety for the Revere High School football team and was nicknamed “The Sheriff” by his peers. Coach Billy D’Amico is Brownlee’s position coach and talks about the importance Brownlee has on the field.

“[Brownlee] is the sheriff of our secondary. He is one of the best communicators on the team. He knows where every player should be no matter the defense we may be in. He might know my job better than me,” D’Amico said.
While Brownlee is not playing football, he also participates in numerous varying activities. He is a varsity athlete for wrestling and attends Cuyahoga Valley Community College, where he focuses on auto body work. Revere’s wrestling coach and math teacher Dan Mosher has coached Brownlee for the past two years for wrestling.

“Cole Brownlee is a very polite and respectful young man. He is a hard worker, and he always does what you ask of him. He tries his best day in and day out,” Mosher said.

The life of a cowboy is filled with bravery, dedication and heroism. Brownlee, using those principles, is set to enlist in the Marine Corps after high school. It has been his goal since the third grade, saying the atmosphere and respect for the marines was what drew him into it. Brownlee continues to reflect a cowboy both on the inside, and the outside. Everyone’s got a friend in their favorite sheriff, Cole Brownlee.