Urban Air Adventure Park provides unique trampoline experiences

Chloe Grimm, Staff Reporter

With more than 200 locations across the United States, Urban Air Adventure Park is an expanding company that came to Akron only a few months ago. The indoor park includes different attractions including trampolines and a warrior course, and it models after the television show American Ninja Warrior, which appeals to younger teens and kids. 

CEO Micheal Browning started Urban Air as a regular trampoline park, but later saw how he could expand the company from Urban Air Trampoline Park to Urban Air Adventure Park. Not only can one find trampolines, Urban Air has multiple other attractions. These include the flip zone bumper cars, where four of these cars spin vertically hanging you upside down, the sky rider, a short zipline experience, and even a ropes course, where an employee hooks the person safely, and they have to grab onto ropes without falling. 

There are three different prices available with the highest level at $27.99, and along with this, if not already owned, three dollar Urban Air socks must be bought. If a parent wants to watch their kid, they can buy a parent pass for $5.99. If one purchases the deluxe package, you get two and a half hours to go crazy, and if breaks are needed, a café is on the left of the building that offers small meals as well as treats and candy. 

With so many interesting and different attractions, it is easy to find something you love at Urban Air Adventure Park. The indoor park is fun to go to with friends or family, with options for parents and there is always something to do for different ages. When friends or family are present, you can battle each other on the balance beam with big foam sticks, flip around in the flip zone, and have an amazing time while making memories. The café is a beneficial addition because after or in the middle of the excitement, a guest might need a break and the café is a great escape. Although some of the food at the café is on the pricey side, the cost of the attractions is very reasonable. 

Urban Air is in business not just for guests, but also many students at Revere work at the indoor park, and the new park deserves the excitement from teens and kids. It is a must-see for anyone that is looking for a job or wants to have a good time.