The Call of the Wild delivers a wholesome experience for whole family

Michael McKee, Editor-in-Chief

While straying from Jack London’s original novel, in the new film The Call of the Wild still delivers a wholesome and endearing film that is enjoyable from start to finish. 

The story follows the main character Buck, a near too big CGI St. Bernard, who gets taken from his cushiony lifestyle in the South to become a sled dog in the Klondikes. Even though Buck does not have a single lick of dialogue, he is still an incredibly interesting and dynamic character. Buck transforms from a troublemaking house dog to a friend of wolves as he is taken on an incredible journey of self-discovery. Buck discovers his inner-wolf while being transferred from master to master, some more violent than others. It is not until his final master nearly kills Buck and the sled team he is a part of when John Thornton, played by Harrison Ford, rescues him from his demise. Thornton and Buck then embark on a journey into the wild. 

The film follows the basic plot of the novel but deviates in some major scenes perhaps to make the film more family-friendly and politically correct. The film also differs from the novel in the death of John Thornton. 

Most would prefer a real dog to a CGI animated one, but the facial features and mannerisms provided by Buck help you forget he’s computer-generated. 

Despite the relative deviation from London’s original novel, Ford’s performance paired with a lovable Buck makes for a heart-warming film perfect for the whole family.