DoorDash provides excellent service, lukewarm food

Mikey Kahoe, Associate Editor

DoorDash delivers food straight to your door in a timely manner from places you otherwise could never get delivery from, but as expected, delivered food never tastes quite as good as it does in the restaurant. 

DoorDash began in 2012, at a small macaron store in Palo Alto, California. A group of coders had the idea to create an app from which customers could order food for delivery from restaurants that don’t deliver. Since then, DoorDash has grown into one of the largest online food delivery services. 

Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a host of restaurants near them that DoorDash can deliver from. The customer selects a restaurant, orders their food, and inputs their payment info; the restaurant begins processing the order and a driver is dispatched to the restaurant. An estimated arrival time is sent to the customer.

I confirmed my order for one homestead farmer’s breakfast at 5:02 pm and was given an estimate of 32-42 minutes until my food arrived. Eighteen minutes later, I received a text “Hey Mike, your order has been picked up from Bob Evans and your dasher is on the way!:-)” About ten minutes later, 29 minutes after placing my order, my door dasher, Lisa, had arrived with my food. I was impressed that she kept my food in a temperature-controlled bag and was very kind when dropping it off. DoorDash’s service was exemplary in every possible way.

I cannot say the same for the food. I love Bob Evans, and I eat there quite often. I have even ordered the homestead farmer’s breakfast before. The food was cooked well, but as expected, takeout food is never good. The potatoes were soggy, the eggs slimy, and the whole meal, lukewarm. DoorDash does an excellent job at delivering food, but, in general, no one should expect food to remain restaurant-quality after sitting in a to-go container.

The bottom line is DoorDash is great if you want to eat food, but for the best quality, drive to the restaurant and order yourself.