Disney Plus’ Lady and the Tramp fun and enjoyable for all ages

Maria Silvidi, Staff Reporter

In late 2019, Disney Plus released the live-action version of Lady and the Tramp. This version of Lady and the Tramp is light-hearted and comedic for all ages. 

The story is set in the early 20th century and shows a couple get used to living with a dog. This dog ends up being named “Lady.” The dog loves the affection and attention that she is getting from her owners and would talk about her owners with the other dogs that she knew on her street. The couple decides to have a baby, which makes the dog question whether she is going to get the same treatment she usually gets while the baby is around. Lady eventually meets the Tramp, and he believes that once the baby comes she is going to be forgotten. She does not believe that her owners would forget about her with the new addition to the family. The rest of the movie deals with Lady and Tramp dealing with their own forms of change. 

The beginning of the movie addresses the owners of Lady, and the actors of the couple have a generic feel to them. Their acting skills were subpar and seemed to have very little individuality. They would interact with other characters more plainly, seeming like the average couple. The owners were not the main characters of the movie but they did seem to play a bigger role in the movie than I expected (since the original movie focused more on the dogs). Some of the camera angles during the movie were awkward, having the camera placed in a bird’s eye view of a dog. When the dogs would speak, the camera would be uncomfortably close to the dog’s face. Maybe this made it easier to animate the dogs talking on screen, but the mouth movements were barely readable in most scenes. The biggest indicator of what was going on during the scene would be the dog’s body language. 

A nice touch added into the movie was the actor who played as “Jock”( Ashley Jensen), gave the character a Scottish accent since the breed of her character is a Scottish terrier. The movie also added random comedic effects and weak villains throughout the movie. The characters would say random statements trying to be comedic but failed to make jokes in the movie. 

The antagonists in this movie were the dog catcher and a rat. Not any special rat, just a rat. This seemed unnecessary for the story of the movie since the movie is about change and how to deal with rejection, not an action movie where a dog fights a rat. Producers also used more notable actors in the movie for adults to notice, including Yvette Nicole Brown, playing Aunt Sara, and Ken Jeong, playing the doctor who delivers the couple’s baby. The setting had a very aesthetic look to it. When the two dogs were walking in town and went on a boat ride, the background had the melting sunset in the sky.

The antique look of the early 20th century buildings was pleasing to look at throughout the movie as well. The legendary spaghetti scene was well put together. The scenery of the brick alleyway and the tiny candle-lit table gave the wholesome and romantic feeling the original movie did. 

The movie Lady and the Tramp is recommended to younger audiences but is open to older viewers to watch on Disney Plus.