Cell phones possibly hurt learning environment

Staff Editorial

January 9, 2018

Filed under Opinion

The advancements of technology in the 21st century have provided many new opportunities for the classroom. The introduction of tools such as laptops and the integration of the internet at Revere High School has resulted in many stude...

Black Friday overshadows holiday season

Staff Editorial

January 3, 2018

Filed under Opinion

When people think of Black Friday, they often picture the animalistic consumerism pictured on the news. Adults fighting over flatscreen televisions could almost be comical if it were not for the injuries people often sustain from ...

Mass shootings create fear and anxiety

Staff Editorial

November 3, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Revere News

On April 20, 1999, two teens shot and killed twelve students at Columbine High School. This event occurred before most current high schoolers were born. Our generation has grown up not knowing anything other than mass shootings...

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