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Revere community hosts afterprom benefit

Mandy Kraynak, Staff Reporter

December 19, 2016

Students congregate in the auditorium after taking final exams. Some warm up their voices while circled around the piano, and others, attempting to stand completely still, perfect their poses for the “mannequin challenge.”...

Student attends leadership conference, experiences college

Avery Miller-Dakota, Culture Editor

October 28, 2016

October is typically defined by football, pumpkin spice and the occasional spritz of autumn color. For many high school seniors, however, October is a defining month that marks the first steps of adulthood. Students become bombarded...

Former businesswoman begins intervention career

Joci Scott, Staff Reporter

October 28, 2016

Elizabeth Hamilton spent time job-shadowing multiple friends after abandoning her career in business. Little did she know that when she walked into a special ed classroom, she would find exactly what she wanted to do for the rest...

Three Revere seniors earn prestigious Eagle Scout title

Noah Kayafas, Staff Reporter

October 28, 2016

Hours of paperwork and constantly being bogged down by deadlines sounds like a boring office job. The hard work needed for Eagle Scout training, however, has dividends that apply to life lessons. Once the paperwork is done, Eagle...

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